Singleness pt. 1

I have contemplated on this and wondered if I should post, but I will do so. First of all I support the institution of marriage wholeheartedly and without reservation. I believe it is for one man, one woman, for a lifetime covenant. That said, I have some observations. First, single people seem to be an anathema to married folks. It’s as if we don’t exist or that we don’t experience problems in life’s walk. Second, single people most of the time do not put their most private struggles and battles in general consumption, so no one truly knows or understands what it is like to be single. Married people have a completely different vocabulary when it comes to being among their friends. Singles are often viewed as being free as the breeze, with no cares in the world and often, that is simply NOT the case. Singles have struggles and problems that are unique to their situation and it would benefit everyone, if singles were treated as if they were not outsiders to the country club. Again, I support marriage, always have and always will. We need to treat single people as people with a unique set of problems and struggles and to love them just as much as we do our married friends. That is all for now, but I will be posting more on the biblical response to singleness and how our church can minister to this unique yet, increasingly large portion of our memberships.


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