Privacy Policy

1. Rosedale Baptist Church, in accordance with new Facebook policy, is establishing this privacy policy. The items below are not intended to restrain the expectations of privacy of the individual using this website or associated applications.
2. Rosedale Baptist Church does not collect personal or private information for the purposes of selling, renting or otherwise disseminating, electronically or hard copy. This includes the following: Email addresses, physical addresses, bank information(in using our online giving app). This information will never be intentionally sold, rented or otherwise disseminated. There are no exceptions to this policy.
3. With the use of our online giving app(which is a third party application), you consent to enter your financial information for the purpose of giving your tithes and offerings. You have the option of only a one time gift for which no information is required other than pertinent financial information to include, bank account information, routing number OR credit/debit card number, date of expiration and card security number. You always have the option, should you elect to set up monthly payments, to cancel those payments at anytime and without reason. This app utilizes bank level encryption for all transactions and is considered to be a secure means of transacting business.

4. Other information you provide, such as personal information of a private nature such as prayer requests will always be held in strictest confidence. There will be no mention of said request unless explicitly authorized by you.

5. This policy will remain in force for the lifetime of the church and this website. You always have the option of disclosing as much or as little information as you feel comfortable in doing.