Here at Rosedale, we offer a number of different bible study groups according to age, marital status, and men's and women's studies. It is our desire to see our church based bible study groups to multiply and grow to include home based groups, called core groups. Through these core groups, we hope to impact our neighborhoods and communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We begin with toddlers and proceed through grade school, middle and high schools with study groups. We also offer the King's Daughters and the Adult Women's groups as well as an Adult Men's group. There are several other groups with a mix of single and married couples. There's a bible study group for everyone here at Rosedale.

Some groups chose to study through a curriculum called quarterlies, while others choose to study directly from the bible. We recognize the value of each, but rest assured every lesson taught at Rosedale has a firm foundation in truth as expounded upon in the Bible.

We would love to see you one Sunday morning for worship and Bible study. All are welcome!!!