Church News

Jan 2017

Although it is only the second week in January, True Love Waits is around the corner in February.  A long standing weekend event at Rosedale, True Love Waits is a study designed to equip young men and women in their teens to pursue sexual purity until marriage. This is the design God had in mind for marriage. One man, one woman for a lifetime covenant. Pastor Wes leads this weekend and has seen commitments made to abstain from sexual contact until marriage. Please encourage any teen that you have or may know,......

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May 2016

I have contemplated on this and wondered if I should post, but I will do so. First of all I support the institution of marriage wholeheartedly and without reservation. I believe it is for one man, one woman, for a lifetime covenant. That said, I have some observations. First, single people seem to be an anathema to married folks. It’s as if we don’t exist or that we don’t experience problems in life’s walk. Second, single people most of the time do not put their most private struggles and battles in general......

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