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Our Deacons

Our deacons serve the Senior Pastor as he serves the church. Our deacons are not administrators, they are ministers. They minister in the context of Rosedale Baptist Church. These men are called of God to serve here among us. We are grateful for their servant's heart and their hard work ethic.
Mike Taylor
Mike TaylorDeacon
Mike has been a deacon for a number of years.
Arnold Ottinger
Arnold OttingerDeacon
Arnold is the longest serving deacon at Rosedale.
Lorne Eldreth
Lorne EldrethDeacon
Lorne is one of the hardest working deacons here at Rosedale.
Eric Rutherford
Eric RutherfordDeacon
At one time, Eric held the distinction of being the youngest deacon ever at Rosedale.
David Johnson
David JohnsonDeacon
David is also involved with out greeter ministry.
Larry Meade
Larry MeadeChairman of Deacons
Larry is currently Chairman of Deacons at Rosedale.
Irvin Stringer
Irvin StringerDeacon
Irvin is Pastor Wes's father.
Larry Armitage
Larry ArmitageDeacon
Larry is very active at Rosedale.
Patrick Litton
Patrick LittonDeacon
Patrick is one of the most beloved deacons here at Rosedale.
Bob Shatley
Bob ShatleyDeacon
Bob is the second longest serving deacon at Rosedale.

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